Monday, October 18, 2010

On implementation of the "two-dimensional bar code" to purchase food consumer confidence

Vegetables, fruit on the fertilizer, excessive pesticide residues is widespread concern that a problem. Today, the Japanese launched a "two-dimensional bar code" that allows consumers to be aware of when buying food.

Ito health is one of Japan's Ibaraki Prefecture farmer, his major supplier of tomatoes grown in the city's supermarkets. Every day, dishes finished, apart from farm work, Ito and health records must be carefully done, detailed note of what is used during planting of pesticides and the use of the frequency and dosage.

Tomatoes mature time to market, Ito health records put all the information uploaded to the "web directory of agricultural products, Ibaraki Prefecture," the website, so consumers will be able to through the food packaging bar codes to understand all the food to match information.

The whole operation is very simple, with consumers only with a camera phone, and download the software, when in the selection of food as long as the bar code scanning using a mobile phone can connect directly to the "web directory Ibaraki Agricultural Products" website , browse and food-related text and image information.

If consumers did not bring camera phones, you can also visit "web directory Ibaraki Agricultural Products" website, enter the barcode number on the same information to understand the product.

"Two-dimensional bar code" come out, make product information more transparent, giving consumers convenient, growers of agricultural products can also play a supervisory role, forming a virtuous circle.

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