Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Unicom iPhone pricing and the new packages have all been questioned

China Unicom [6.49 -0.61%] 14, announced on October 30 will be sold in China, iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS mobile phones, and published the iPhone bare metal prices. At the end of September launch commercial 3G network, China Unicom has announced the development of mobile phone users for the iPhone "iPhone24-month contract plan."

China Unicom said that if the user to participate in "iPhone24 month contract plan" to buy iPhone 3GS 16GB mobile phones, pay 3,999 yuan and 3,000 yuan stored charge, select the package 126 yuan monthly fee, the future network of 24 months, monthly will be returned to its 125 this prognosis. Thus, if the business does not exceed the use of the agreed package amount, a month prognosis, only pay 1.

China Unicom announced iPhone bare metal prices: iPhone 3G 8GB price of 4999 yuan, iPhone 3GS 16GB price is 5880 yuan, iPhone 3GS 32GB price is 6999 yuan.

But the reporter visited the parallel market, found that China Unicom bare metal version of the iPhone gray market price at least higher than the price of 1,000 yuan. To 16GB iPhone 3GS, for example, China Unicom announced bare metal price 5880 yuan, and do not have WIFI function, while Zhongguancun [5.60 -0.18%] gray market is only 4,800 yuan, with WIFI function.

Golden State Securities [20.80 -0.29%] Chen Yun-hong analysts believe that the reason for the high pricing bare metal, bare metal China Unicom is to raise the threshold to attract more users into the package. But the bare metal prices more expensive than the gray market will restrain consumer demand part.

China Unicom Chairman Chang Xiaobing said: "very pleased to recently introduced iPhone, and provide customers with a wide selection of 'iPhone24 a contract plan'."

However, Chen Yun-hong that Unicom "stored Hua Fei" the package model prone to consumer resentment, which may affect the iPhone 3G on Unicom to snatch the effect of high-end customers.

Unicom insiders have told reporters, "China Unicom senior currently on the market reaction to a high degree of tension on the iPhone. Unicom also suggested that after the internal design of the iPhone package does not meet local consumer spending habits. But how to adjust the specific package remains to be further refinement. "

Unicom version of the iPhone to the market's acceptance of China Unicom to provide the data inside: The "11" golden weeks 8 days, with China Unicom 3G wave of official business, online business hall Unicom first iPhone (Mobile Internet) Booking break 10,000.

But who asked not to be named, told reporters the industry, the Department of thousands or tens of thousands of reservations iPhone useless for Unicom, the magnitude of at least a few 100,000 to be helpful on Unicom.

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